Wedding Package

Wedding Packages

The Wedding Package  has  been designed to transform your's and your partners body and fitness abilities to a whole new level before your big day.


Whatever your interest or goal these programs will be tailored and customised to ensure you both progress on a weekly basis. 

While it's important to remember that your goals won't happen overnight, it's about thinking of the bigger picture and remaining dedicated in achieving your goals.

Throughout the course of the program your nutrition will be tracked and reviewed on a weekly basis. We will track your calorie and Protein intake.


You will  learn a wide scope of exercises throughout this program but also how to maximise your training through activation techniques and key movement patterns.

We will track your results by using

Body Compostion.

Body Measurments.

And Fitness progression.

Each area will be discussed in your first consultation. 


RESULTS guaranteed!!! 

What's included?

Free 30 minute Consultation for both of you

Weekly one on one sessions for both of you

(can be done as a couple)

Customised programs

24/7 Support and Advice



Bronze wedding package (1 x 1 hour PT session per wk for 12 wks) x2 £696

Silver wedding package (2x1hour PT sessions per week for 12 weeks)x2 £990

Gold wedding package (3x1hour PT sessions per wk for 12 wks)x2 £1200

Platinum wedding package (4x1hour PT sessions per wk for 12 wks)x2 £1400


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